World Cup Exhibits

Since Betirri started pursuing his art professionally in 2012, he has had the opportunity to exhibit in three different world cups. This is a task that takes a lot of effort and time to find the right place to exhibit his work. Fortunately, Betirri has found the right place at each of the last three world cup host cities: Rio de Janeiro, Moscow, and Doha. For every world cup exhibit achieved, Betirri places a new star in his emblem as a symbol of a championship achieved.

2014 World Cup Art Exhibit at Parque da Bola, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Betirri’s dream to exhibit his art at a world cup became true for the first time in 2014. He was able to exhibit ten of his bodiless football paintings in the VIP area of a local fan fest in Rio de Janeiro. His work was admired and acquired by the fans. 

2018 World Cup Art Exhibit at Artplay Museum, Moscow, Russia.

On 2018, Betirri exhibited a total of twelve paintings including his new series ‘Flora, Fauna & Football’ in Moscow. The exhibit was a great success getting a request from a Russian Foundation to keep it for the following four years to exhibit it around Eastern Europe and Asia.

2022 World Cup Art Exhibit at Mexihouse, Doha, Qatar.

For the third consecutive time, Betirri achieved to exhibit his art at another world cup. This time in Doha, Qatar, Betirri exhibited new football artwork including the ‘Football is Life’ series and the ‘21st Century Gods. a great conversation from the panel and tried activities related to tech sports. Local media was present at the event.