Tequila Dinner
July 20th @ Flora Mexican Kitchen

Join us for an exquisite evening of art and culinary delights at GastronomicART’s first event in collaboration with The Big Vibe Group. This extraordinary occasion marks Betirri’s second partnership with The Big Vibe Group, but the first of its kind, promising an unforgettable fusion of gastronomy and artistry.

This project is part of collaboration with The Big Vibe Group, where I will be painting live during a Tequila Dinner at Flora Kitchen Houston on July 20th

The Big Vibe Group

The Big Vibe Group, renowned for their exceptional restaurants in Houston, including Graffiti Raw, Coppa Osteria, Gratify, and Flora Kitchen, has once again invited Betirri to showcase his artistic prowess. Earlier this year, Betirri created a captivating painting for Graffiti Raw, where he first connected with Caroline, a catalyst for this exciting collaboration.

During this exclusive event, Betirri will mesmerize guests by painting live, allowing them to witness the creation of a masterpiece firsthand. Accompanying his live painting, Betirri will exhibit a collection of his other extraordinary artworks, showcasing his diverse talents and captivating style.

Live Painting

The highlight of the evening will be the auctioning of Betirri’s freshly completed painting. Inspired by the theme of National Tequila Day, the artwork will feature a bodiless tequila harvester depicted in a vibrant array of greens. The canvas itself measures an impressive 24×30 inches, promising a visually striking centrepiece for any art enthusiast.

As a token of appreciation, Betirri is offering a complimentary limited edition card from his sports series to those who purchase tickets through his exclusive offer. Don’t miss this opportunity to own a unique piece of Betirri’s artistry while indulging in an extraordinary evening of culinary delights.

To immerse yourself in this extraordinary fusion of art and gastronomy, join us on July 20th at Flora Mexican Kitchen, where the event will unfold in all its splendor. To secure your place at this exclusive affair, tickets are available for purchase through OpenTable. Visit the link below and select your preferred time for an experience you won’t want to miss.

Live Auction

In “Harvesting Spirits,” a captivating painting, the essence of tequila production is brought to life through a mesmerizing blend of vibrant greens. The focal point of the artwork is a bodiless jimador, suspended in an ethereal realm between reality and folklore. With skilled precision, the jimador’s phantom hands extend gracefully, expertly maneuvering their implements to harvest the agave plants, an essential step in the creation of tequila.

The lush color palette, predominantly composed of an array of greens, captures the verdant landscape of the agave fields. Shades ranging from emerald to lime and from moss to olive interplay harmoniously, conveying the abundant life force pulsating within the vegetation. The varying intensities of these greens evoke a sense of depth and movement, as if the plants were dancing in rhythm with the jimador’s invisible presence.

“Harvesting Spirits” is an enchanting ode to the artistry and dedication behind tequila production. Through its kaleidoscope of greens, the painting invites viewers to immerse themselves in the magical world of the jimador, where tradition, nature, and the spirit of tequila converge in a captivating symphony of color and emotion.