#DAILYREEL 500 / Hey Wrangler: We want to play with you. ?? But for real, at IF.company we are a Director + DP duo with an ARRI Alexa Mini LF; and {we are out here literally} writing and producing brand story films and advertisements in the rough and rugged PNW. We share a dailyreel everyday, highlighting our favorite shots from each week, regardless if they made it to the final project; it’s like creative Crossfit, everyday. We’re quite stoked on this particular piece, crafted from an over abundance of intense footage from a group of youth learning to bull ride at blue hour in rural Washington. These girls and boys are some of the roughest people, and we see this small picture of their intense lives standing out as a story for iconic rough brands like Wrangler, Yeti, RAM, Ariat, Monster, or even PBR… who wants to get in the arena with us?


Director: Mitch Williams https://twitter.com/mtchwllms

DP: Sam McGhee https://instagram.com/sammcghee