Born in Puebla, Mexico, Betirri is a local artist in Houston, Texas with a professional background in architecture. His signature body of work represents the crossover between art and sports with a distinctive surrealistic style that allows to explore the identity of many. He has acquired international recognition through the exhibit of his art around the world and in the local community through his philanthropist efforts.

“Sports are a way of identity for many. Sports keep us in constant motion, motivated, inspired, and alive. Sports are full of emotions just like art.

When I was a kid, I wanted to become a professional football player, but my asthma condition did not let me go further as I wished. However, art was the only path to stay as close to the sports as in athlete or manager. Although I admire certain athletes, I believe more in the team effort of most sports.

I create timeless masterpieces that express that team effort through a bodiless figure in motion. My mission as an artist is to reflect the impact that sports have in our society by different visual creative outlets such as painting, muralism and graphics.” – Betirri