Born in Puebla, Mexico, Betirri is a local artist based in Houston, Texas. His educational background includes a B.A. in Architecture in 2007 and a B.A. in Fine Arts in 2009, both from the University of Houston. His brand and signature body of work expresses the crossover between art and sports with a distinctive surrealistic style that allows the viewer to explore the identity and impact of sports in current society. His portfolio includes hundreds of paintings and over thirty murals. He has acquired international recognition through the exhibit of his art around the world including the last three FIFA World Cups (Brazil in 2014, Russia in 2018, and Qatar in 2022). He is passionate about helping the local community through his philanthropist efforts including his initiative to enhance seven blocks of the Columbia Tap trail through sports and art activities calling it Goal Park. Moreover, he has donated hundreds of artworks for charity and fundraiser events since 2012. Betirri is the organizer of Tour de Mural which is an annual bike tour around his murals in Houston since 2019. He has been the official artist of the Lamborghini Festival in Houston since 2014, and a TEDx speaker in 2022. His latest accomplishment is the design and construction of his iconic pink gallery/studio in East of Downtown, Houston with the vision to host classes and events to motivate younger generations to pursue their artistic endeavors.

Work Statement

Following in the footsteps of legendary artists like Michelangelo, Monet, and Picasso, I’m on a mission to celebrate the everlasting charm of football. Just like those iconic painters captured the spirit of their times, I’ m here to capture the essence of football—a game that’s more than just sport; it’s a universal language of joy and unity.Football isn’t just about kicking a ball; it’s about the passion that connects millions of people worldwide, including myself. It’s a beautiful dance where everyone, regardless of background, can join in. You don’t need to be the strongest or richest; all you need is a ball and a love for the game.Every time the World Cup rolls around, it’s like a global party where people from all walks of life come together to celebrate. It’s a time when crime rates drop, and the world feels a little more united in our shared excitement.Through my art, I want to capture the magic of football—not just the players on the field, but the energy, the colors, and the spirit of the game. Each painting is a window into the exhilaration and camaraderie that football brings to our lives—a reminder of the timeless joy of the beautiful game. Betirri


Manager AJ “Dupree”  Costa