World Cup Exhibits

“At the crossover between arts and sports, I invite viewers to explore the identity and impact of sports in today’s society” – Betirri

Just like those iconic painters in the past captured the spirit of their times, I’m here to capture the essence of football—a game that’s more than just sport; it’s a universal language of joy and unity. Through my art, I want to capture the magic of football—not just the players on the field, but the energy, the colors, and the spirit of the game. Each painting is a window into the exhilaration and camaraderie that football brings to our lives—a reminder of the timeless joy of the beautiful game.

Betirri’s bodiless football series started to get discovered by different platforms of the media and the press. Since 2010, Betirri’s work started to get published on digital mediums and print outlets around the world. His exhibit in 2015 in Italy really caught the attention of many of the media newspapers and magazines. Here’s a list of all of the publications since 2010 until 2022.

In 2022, Betirri had the oppurtunity to step out of his comfort zone and share his story at the TEDxBUAP platform. Watch it here.


Part of Betirri’s mission in life is to give back to the community. In 2017, Betirri proposed Goal Park to the city of Houston, transforming seven blocks of the Columbia Tap Trail through Innovation, Culture, Athletics, and Nature. Forming Goal Park Foundation, Betirri and six more board members are developing Houston’s first urban linear park in East Downtown, Houston. Learn more about it here.